DJ Or Band?

12 Reasons To Choose A Disc Jockey Instead Of A Band

1. DJ's are less expensive. You could easily spend $2500 and up on a reputable band that regularly plays receptions, while the average price for a DJ is $400 to $1800 (depending on your area). You can always find lower priced or higher priced DJs. We base this on a "National" average.

2. DJs don't take breaks. You will always have music on during your reception.

3. If a band doesn't have a female singer or brass, look at all the songs they can't do properly.

4. DJs act as coordinators. We usually set the pace of your event and we coordinate with the caterer, photographer, hall, and videographer, to make your event run smoothly.

5. We take up less space. You in turn have more room for a dance floor.

6. Repertoire. We are unlimited in the type of music that we play. >From big band to Jazz and ethnic to current music. If it's been recorded a DJ can play it. Most DJs carry thousands of tunes to choose from. Yet if a band knows 300 songs that's considered amazing.

7. Actual artists. Like Barry White? Can the band sound just like him? With a DJ, you don't have to worry about that. You always get the original version and often DJs can offer a variety of versions to suit your taste.

8. Volume control. It's the number one complaint about bands. DJs can easily control volume.

9. Current music. A DJ has the capability of playing a song the day it comes out while the band has to practice it for weeks.

10. Reliability. If one band member gets sick, guess what? Possibly NO band! If your DJ can't perform, we will have a backup DJ to do your event.

11. It is customary to offer your entertainment a meal. With a band, there are at least 4 mouths to feed. At the high cost of meals this could add up to $200 to your expenses!

12. Personnel. From the time you hire a band to the date of your event, there may have been a few changes. A different lead singer or guitarist can dramatically change the sound of your band. You could wind up with an entirely new band on the day of your event. And they wouldn't even have to tell you!